I am interested in creating a new design language, with a method that combines the natural visual elements with the artificial elements of certain conditions: randomness and control. I will en- gage research and coordinated experimentation, that will be through programming [language] and color theory to explore the relationship between vision and hearing.
Using a variety of dissemination methods creates an atmo- sphere and a bridge that helps viewers receive and understand infor- mation in ways that were not previously accessible. Computer graph- ics technology can be used to embody image, movement and sound relationships that can take abstract concepts and translate them into a more concrete and clear example. A new design language offers more possibilities for connections between people, by taking the senses [commonality] and combining them with new technology.

Two different forms of interactive devices in black and white and color are installed on both sides of the wall, giving the audience different interactive feelings.

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Installation View
The interactive device in the middle part analyzes their voice level by collecting the real-time voice of the audience and then displays it in a visual way.
Monday Nov 5 2018