Posters and Animation

I choosing to use traditional Chinese ancient poetry as a medium to try to allow for multiculturalism to transpire between Eastern and Western cultures, but it also enables Chinese culture to integrate further into multiculturalism and independence. In this era, the integration of multiculturalism is an indisputable fact. While the initial stages of these works visually appear to be operating at surface level, moving forward it is the evolution of the conceptual explorations that are now responsible for investigating this high level of conflict and integration. I position myself in these works as creator and overseer, careful not to tip the balance of Eastern and Western cultures. The visual symbolic language is used as a platform to reconstruct information and enable multicultural communication to be intertwined with traditional graphic design and new media interweaving.
Different elements enhance the overall effect of the design, such as the use of different senses to help the viewer better experience the design. With new media, new rules and more considerations must be addressed - like the frame, time-based, music, and movement. These considerations can enhance the design visual perception and feeling.

The process of origami

The text of the whole poem is folded



Calligraphy for the Pome

Animation Frames 

Installation View
Monday Nov 5 2018